cable *still* not ready...

Because Time Warner failed to tell me that the previous tenant did not close their account, and consequently cancelled my cable installation (without informing me first).

So....hang tight.

In other news, I am working at a really cool firm where I get to wear jeans and fight for the intellectual property rights of DC Comics characters. Life is sweet.


Exactly what I am looking for...

In a homeschool set-up...? Please? Check out the Crossroads school of Santa Monica, California, as detailed in the current issue of Vanity Fair. It's the Latin and Greek, folks, the Latin and Greek.


Cable not ready 'til this weekend...

so my posts are coming in more slowly than anticipated. Sorry for my blogging delays.


quick update

(and maybe a question, too: Maitresse is on hiatus, you guys comment; Maitresse gets back from hiatus, and I've scared you all away?)

- A and I are in a hotel until our NY apartment is in order.
- We are exhausted.
- With the help of Lynne at MySchola, I am looking into Section 600 schools in Florida.
- We are exhausted.
- A is heading out to do his marine bio research today.
- We are exhausted.
- New York City is a great place to live, but we miss the tranquility of Westchester already.
- We are exhausted.