So A is in Florida with my mother while I get my &^*&* together with the first Big Project. Fortunately for us homeschoolers, we can travel when we want to, and not interrupt our studies.

Regarding first Big Project: I am issuing a press release this coming week (or so). It ain't easy dealing with all the different Ramones folks, and others, plus having to beg your friends for Yoko Ono's assistant's phone number. I have learned a lot about diplomacy, and about self-respect and establishing boundaries when you do volunteer work for nada.

A will be back to join me in time for Joey Ramone's Birthday Bash.

My mother is teaching A Spanish. A's accent (and vocabulary) have gotten great overnight. It's almost shocking.

I met with Joey Ramone's mother at her home this week, and now have a documentary film camera on my tail. The filmmaker is Ernie Fritz, who did the Bruce Springsteen documentary "Blood Brothers."

Joey Ramone's mother and I talked about our kids, parenting, and stuff, including how so many kids are spoiled. Joey's mother is an artist, and Joey was an incredibly generous soul. If you don't already know, he would give his autograph to anyone who would ask him on the street (because he once had a bad experience when he asked for an autograph from a famous person - he made a decision to never let that happen to anyone on his account). A phone call with Joey would be a 7-hour adventure, because he'd answer everyone who'd call him on call waiting.

I hope the documentary camera catches A's homeschooling, or at least a mention of it.


so Maitresse is thinking about renting a space...

...like a classroom.

I see the beginnings of another big project...


this post had to be removed because, unfortunately, Google might get me in trouble...


Your Linguistic Profile:

50% General American English

35% Yankee

10% Dixie

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern


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note: It's really nice to know so many band members that I grew up listening to are now parents, kids sometimes answering the phones at home, and those musician parents have the same questions and issues about education as the rest of us...Which reminds me, anyone here have a direct line to David Bowie? Let me know. Thank you.
"I don't find babies amusing. At least, not human babies."

I guess A is officially a teenager now.(?)


Has it really been three weeks since I last blogged?

Time is flying for Maitresse here in New York.

In the past three weeks, I've spoken to a diverse group of people about my Big Project: a film director, a hip hop artist, a young man with spina bifida, lots of teenagers, actors, musicians, journalists, media, academics, and the president of Sire Records.

Inevitably, I get: "You are so qualified for this. How did you jump into this? How did you get chosen?"

Let's see. Maitresse has -

- A big heart.
- Studied two majors at college (university), and completed research theses in both subjects, one science-based, one humanities-based, to cum laude level.
- Started and managed not one, not two, but four student organizations and one major event (University Research Day) at college.
- Worked as a writer at a major newspaper.
- Worked as a investigative journalist for television.
- Interned at a not-for-profit civil rights organization.
- Worked as a marketing/PR manager.
- Worked in fundraising campaigns. Ditto grant-writing campaigns.
- Had several brushes with celebrity already before, so Maitresse does not get starstruck when meeting "Very Important People" (whatever that means).
- Learned the art of public speaking.
- Listened to music. A lot.
- Started law school (didn't finish, but don't beat me up for that, guys). And Maitresse works at a creative law firm, where problem-solving is necessary.
- Started several blogs, which keeps Maitresse on her toes, helps her learn HTML (sometimes), which helps her set up website for Big Project.

Now that I know that all my goofy experiences are currently working for me in this one momentous Big Project, I see that curriculum-building for one's own student should include the linear, the classical, but also the creative.

A is currently learning HTML and soon will be learning Micromedia Flash. He wants to learn to manage a business, and in conjunction with that, I feel it will be a plus if he learns public speaking (art of persuasion, anyone?).

Classical schooling as a foundation, and I think students can really fly, if they get out there, and do their passion.