So A is in Florida with my mother while I get my &^*&* together with the first Big Project. Fortunately for us homeschoolers, we can travel when we want to, and not interrupt our studies.

Regarding first Big Project: I am issuing a press release this coming week (or so). It ain't easy dealing with all the different Ramones folks, and others, plus having to beg your friends for Yoko Ono's assistant's phone number. I have learned a lot about diplomacy, and about self-respect and establishing boundaries when you do volunteer work for nada.

A will be back to join me in time for Joey Ramone's Birthday Bash.

My mother is teaching A Spanish. A's accent (and vocabulary) have gotten great overnight. It's almost shocking.

I met with Joey Ramone's mother at her home this week, and now have a documentary film camera on my tail. The filmmaker is Ernie Fritz, who did the Bruce Springsteen documentary "Blood Brothers."

Joey Ramone's mother and I talked about our kids, parenting, and stuff, including how so many kids are spoiled. Joey's mother is an artist, and Joey was an incredibly generous soul. If you don't already know, he would give his autograph to anyone who would ask him on the street (because he once had a bad experience when he asked for an autograph from a famous person - he made a decision to never let that happen to anyone on his account). A phone call with Joey would be a 7-hour adventure, because he'd answer everyone who'd call him on call waiting.

I hope the documentary camera catches A's homeschooling, or at least a mention of it.


Orion said...

Hey La Mai. Just thought I'd let you know my site moved to www.bendelano.com, so you can find it next time you want to view it.

la Maitresse said...

cool beans!