from Swarthmore College

Sorry we do not have statistics on acceptance rates for homeschooled students.

We are looking for the same sort of activities, grades, etc that we look for in our other students. Swarthmore is looking for the intellectually curious student who is taking the most challenging courses available to them and who is active in no-school [sic], community activities.

Admissions Office
Swarthmore College

Those colleges that do not offer any numbers at all, have left me no choice but to ask the follow-up question: "Do you accept any homeschoolers at all?" I will add that information as I receive it.

Edit: Swarthmore further responds:

Dear Ms. LaMai

I'm not quite sure what you mean my[sic] "any" but if you are referring to whether we allow home schooled students to apply and do we accept any of them, yes we do.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Swarthmore College
Admissions Office

My response to their response:

Without statistics, or an affirmative response as to whether homeschooled students are actually accepted by Swarthmore, it is difficult to gauge if any homeschoolers at all have been accepted by your institution. I therefore felt the need to ask if any number of homeschoolers have actually been accepted by Swarthmore. I thank you for your responses.


Swarthmore pulls through!!! Some more feedback:

Dear Ms. LaMai,

We have tracked down some figures for you. Each year we receive approximately 30-40 homeschooled applicants and they are accepted at the same rate as the rest of our applicant pool, which is 22-23%. If you have any further questions please let us know.

Swarthmore College
Admissions Office


Matthew said...

There are lots of home-schooled students at Swarthmore . . . disproportionately many. I am a student at Swarthmore.

la Maitresse said...

Would you be kind enough to quantify "disproportionately many"? Perhaps in your class? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My son was recently accepted to, and will attend Swarthmore. We are long time homeschoolers.