Knitting in Schools (credit to Poppins)

This guide to knitting in schools by Cat Bordhi is fascinating (credit to Poppins). I am not sure how much students can focus on lessons while knitting, but I am willing to give it a try. Maybe listen to an audio-tape as Ms. Bordhi did with her students.

And I, too, was skeptical that knitting could be accepted by boys as well as girls. But A's interest in knitting, and now, spinning, seems to demonstrate that crafts - and jobs - should never be limited by gender.


Ogilvie said...

An actor friend who many years ago played small roles in Britains's National Theatre told me several male actors knitted while waiting to go onstage. And I've heard of sailors (men)knitting on long voyages.

la Maitresse said...

That's absolutely true! Knitting is deeply entrenched in seaman's culture.

And who needs cigarettes when you can have a ball of yarn?