Look, guys, I do not expect to win, but it did occur to me that I did not include the correct link to vote. There are edu-blogs that are waaay better than this one. I mean, look at the formatting and information over at some of those blogs on the list. Vote for who you'd really like to win. Because it's all about choice.

And what could be better than choice?


In other news, "Stupid in America" - that 20/20 segment that ran last week - has been on my mind. I found a link to someone who transcribed the show. But LaMai is not responsible for the link, or its contents, or errors, or lack of spell-checking, including that place called "Chechoslovakia" [sic] which LaMai suspects does not exist. There is also that chart entitled, "How to Fire an Inept Teacher." And mind, LaMai does not wish for New York City school teachers to be fired. Unless they suck.

edit: I found this link to a better synopsis.

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