The Danes win again!

LaMai is trying to get over the fact that there are many, many lurkers who are too shy to say "hi." I do not expect Calletta, L, Liz, Sarah, or the regular bloggy folk to out themselves yet again. It would have been nice to see new names. But no. The Canadians and Australians win again. Maybe that is because Canadians habitually leave their front doors open, and Australians are fearless and use crocodiles to clip their lawns. I suspect the New Yorker who commented, who regularly outs herself, was being polite and tried to show others how safe it really is here on a New York City blog (thank you, nycitymomx3; I owe you lunch at Balthazar's). That is okay. I took a nice long whiff of a lavender martini and ate chocolate. I am over it now.

In other news, last night at my knitting circle, I took the opportunity to unveil my fugly hat. It was supposed to be a nice round simple garter stitch mohair-ish creation. What I actually produced had, well...

A: "Mom, that shape is weird. It looks Scandinavian or something. Like it should be on a troll."
Me: "Don't make fun of my hat!"
A: "Not making fun. I'm just saying...."
Me: "Is it really bad?"
A: "Um, it looks like a [insert prophylactic thing here]."

Goth Girl at Knitting Circle: "Um, is that a, uh, reservoir tip on top of your hat?"
Me: [Sigh] "Yes. I guess. Doesn't it look Seussical?"
GGaKC: "Uh. Yeah. Sure. Seussical."

Knitting Circle Leader Hipster Chick: "Wow. Your hat rocks. It's so funny."
Me: "Thanks."
KCLHC: "No, really. I love it."

Okay. Stop laughing, folks. I found this hat (top-right) online. It all makes sense now. My viking DNA wins again. It is now knitting for me.


Hornblower said...

gives new meaning to the term safety hat....

Fe said...

Add me as another Aussie, slow to respond because we went away for Australia Day.

I may have de-lurked last year sometime? But I've been reading here for a while:-)

la Maitresse said...

Hello Perth! Yes, I do think I remember you de-lurking a long ago; glad to know you're still around!