Concierge Services, where are you?????

Ode on an Itinerary for: Marlette and Guisseppe (super condensed)

Thou still most ravish’d site of bloggyness
Thou foster child of Postings and cool Font,
Mormon mommy-teacher, who canst thus express
A flowery tale more sweetly than this rant:
What purple-border I last recall about thy template
Of King Tut or mortals, sometimes the Ramones,
In Tempe or the dales of Albuquerque?
What men or gods have seized (you)? Should I phone?
What mad pursuit? What struggle to escape?
What new curriculum? Gives it you ecstasy?

*you probably know that this lame poem was inspired by this guy's work. And Concierge Services, WHERE ARE YOU?


Anonymous said...

I'll let her know you're asking about her and tell her to "peek" her head in here.

Sadly, her blog is gone for now. I now have no excuse for not keeping in touch with her.


MJ said...

Peeking in (thanks to Tamy). We're ending our bit of time having a home ed apostasy. For various reasons (many psychosomatic), M will be coming home once again with (hopefully) a new outlook on what it is like to be in g-school all day.

DH and I have heard what we secretly hoped she would realize (granted these are generalizations): kids can be very, very rude; home ed work can be done in half the time; there is more time to read during the day doing home ed; R&S is (get this...) EASIER than Shurley; they're ONLY doing Saxon 4; the worksheets we get are on the computer and mom can download them if I want to do them...and so on.

She also realized that her extracurricular activities were duplicated at school (pe, music, art, computer) and she enjoyed what we lined up at home rather than learning them through school.

Honestly, I was getting into a cool freedom groove doing yoga in the ams, going out for lunch, and roaming shop lined streets with interesting but unnecessary items to purchase. I haven't been feeling the urge to go to the computer for news on CNN, reading other blogs, and surfing sites supporting our curriculum needs.

In haste, I deleted the blog - I don't regret it. I was comfortable with 40 or so people reading each day - but when the numbers started to swell, I thought it was weird to not really "know" who was reading on. I like that you ask for de-lurkers. I'm sure I'll start up again (minus the pink template), and I'll send a link. Thanks for asking - I think of you, Becky, Lynx, Sarah, and many others. I've always loved reading along and getting to know your perspective through cyberspace.