I love the rants coming from Princess Ennui on Pat Robertson's holier-than-Sharon-speakthese days. If you haven't checked out her blog, run, don't walk. You just might like the Princess.

We had a chat at my knitting circle this week about religion. We almost never - ever - talk religion (there is some sex talk and plenty of political talk, mind). We talked about folks who believe in intelligent design as opposed to evolution, and rapture, where entire populations of human beings would be left behind because they had not accepted Jesus. I then went on to explain that different branches of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc., all seem to have some type of exclusionary "beyond the present world" belief. When death or the Messiah/prophet appears, you are screwed and get left our if you haven't accepted the One And Only Acceptable G-d. Of course, many cultures and faiths are unique to themselves in that their G-d is the only acceptable one.

LaMai recalled being told, as a child, that "Jews get to go to hell" for not accepting Jesus. LaMai also recalled the rabbi telling her that goyim don't "get to go to the same shamayim" as Jews do. I wonder where infidels get to go, according to Islam. No, we have not studied that one yet, me and A.

It was also then that I began to wonder about the prohibition of tattoos to receive a Jewish burial. Okay, that is going off on a tangent.

So I declared that I would join the practice, compartmentalize my world, and create my very own religion. That's right. I get to smoke the shaman's pipe, not you. And nobody else can join me in my after world. Because it is mine. All mine. My secret handshake, not yours. My Rosetta Stone. My nirvana. And nobody else's.

And yes, I am being snarky.

*What Would Joan Jett Do?


In other news, Napoleon seems to have developed needle envy. I found a ball of yarn and a number 7 circular needle in his crate.

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Princess Ennui said...

Awesome! I go to Montreal for 1.5 days and my favorite blogwoman has a link to me...very kismet-ic if you ask me...I was watching Love Monkey last night and when they went to CBGB...who was I telling Esposo about??
As for our dear friend Pat...I just couldn't help myself...he's a BAD, BAD man. I shudder to think about families who are holding him up as a role model.

WOOHOO. not.

As for relgion...our friend Bob has decided to start a religion...the Bobtists. We have great plans for getting some of that funding that church groups can now get from our good friend W.