from Brown University

Phone conversation summary:

Between 50-60 homeschooled students apply for undergraduate studies to Brown University annually. About 15% are accepted.

The reasons that these student applicants choose to homeschool are various: religion, medical, etc.

Being part of an accredited homeschool program is not necessary. Some homeschooled applicants participate in the Stanford University (EPGY) online program, Clonlara, the "Princeton Homeschool Clearing House", Bob Jones, or are part of a homeschooling co-op.

Brown has two staffers who review homeschooled applicants' files.

Transcripts submitted to Brown should appear relatively consistent with public high school transcripts; four years' work should appear.

The admissions director with whom I spoke explained that, ideally, a one-page or two-page curriculum should be included for each course studied, with books read, and grades (if available, grades are not required!!) being sufficient.

If the homeschooler has studied at a community college, provide that transcript.

Providing four to five references from non-parental teachers is ideal.

The student should take the SAT 1 and as many SAT IIs as they feel comfortable taking (Brown would like to see a re-affirmation of studiousness via SAT scores).

The director with whom I spoke advises applying early. And use Early Decision if Brown is the student's first choice.


MJ said...

ooh! ooh! Brown! Go Brown!

Then again, I am a bit partial after getting into one of their graduate internship programs through the Medical School.

Tufts? Boston U? And (drum roll) I'd be happy to offer up the washing machine and a family atmospher on weekends if he would consider ASU, or the UofA!

la Maitresse said...

Re: Tufts & Boston U, etc., - they're coming, they're coming...some colleges have been a little slow to respond, as we are smack in the middle of the admissions cycle.

Clearing said...

I've not heard of the "Princeton Homeschool Clearing House" but I imagine it must be of great help to those applying with regards getting through clearing. I would think it would be quite a change to go from home schooling to attending a University.