"Here we go!

Posted by Chris Baty on 2005/11/1 2:01:08 (1665 reads)

And we're off! Happy noveling everybody!

You can update your word count and novel excerpt by clicking Edit Profile, then looking for the "Word Count and Excerpt" link to the left. Also! A new WrimoRadio episode is up!

And we've put a sneak-preview link to the new Author Pages on everyone's profile. The novel excerpt parts of the new pages don't work yet, but as soon as they do, we'll swap those beautiful pages right in.

Also, in anticipation of the change-over, be sure to go into Edit Profile and click on the Regional Affiliation link. Choose at least one region close to your area (or close to your heart), and then make that your "Home" region through toggle magic. From that point forward, our wise server hamsters will place your home region at the top of your stats list, so you can see how your region stacks up against other wordy areas around the world.

All of this is sounding like technical gibberish, I know. But trust me. Do it. You will like it.




And oh yeah, A is joining in the fun but I am giving him a 25,000 word count responsibility. AND: The Fellowship of the NaNoWriMo.v2 will be up today. I will archive all the old posts, but we are starting fresh there. Anyone who wants to sign up this year, let me know. Maitresse@gmail.com

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