M.I.T. Educational Studies Program

A coordinator at NYCHEA (New York City Home Educators' Alliance, more on that in a later post) just informed me about SPLASH at M.I.T. The good news is that students can enroll in any courses they choose, and as many as they choose, and it's only $20. The bad part is that it's over. Yes, it's true. It's an annual event, held in November.

There is, however, some other good news. M.I.T. has enrichment classes on Saturdays, held in the Spring and Summer. For thirty American dollars for an entire semester, your child can study stuff like Computer Platforms, Network Programming, Starting a High-Tech Company, London between the 18th and 19th Centuries, Fusion Energy, the History of Race in the Western World, and elementary Calculus by Problems and Examples (no kidding, it's for 6th graders, too).

M.I.T. has been offering the Educational Studies Program since 1957.

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