from Williams College

LaMai--we have no home school-specific stats, though anecdotally I can
assure you they graduate at the same rate as traditionally educated
students. Some of them have been among our most interesting
applicants these last few years!

As applicants, we would evaluate whatever transcript/documentation
the students can provide. If they've been home schooled via a HS
"clearing house" curriculum we often will receive a traditional
transcript. If not, a list of courses, reading lists, major papers,
grades from college or correspondence courses will do.
Recommendations from a non-family member instructor would be helpful
if available. We'll also evaluate testing the same as a traditional

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Anonymous said...

The alumni magazine ran an extremely favorable article about homeschooling a few years ago.

Homeschooling Williams alumna (too bad I won't be able to afford to send my kids there!)