film crew fun.

They arrived, and left, and then we got ready for bed, and Napoleon climbed into my bed. I tried to give him a little peck before sleeping, myself, and he bit me. Hard. On the nose.

Blood came out. More blood came out. Grab the towel, it's not stopping.

I am okay now, just a little rattled and am sporting what looks like two vampire bites on my nose. Napoleon felt badly after what he did, and retreated to his crate for the entire evening. We have much work to do on the doggie. He is intelligent and pushy, and constantly tests us. After a midnight phone call to Victoria, our dog trainer, I resigned myself to the realization that it's tough love time. Nappo is going down on the totem pole. No bed privileges. And fewer privileges overall.

Prussian blue girls: Thanks to you, Bill Maher made anti-homeschooling comments on the latest episode of his show Real Time with Bill Maher. And who came to the defense of homeschoolers? Tom Snow, of Fox News. Give me a break. I am thanking Fox News for defending homeschooling?

LaMai's thoughts (out loud):

There are crappy public schools.
There are crappy private schools. [note: LaMai attended one or two such schools]
There are crappy homeschoolers.

Please don't brand us cool homeschoolers, who want our kids to know more and see more of the world and the people in it, as the uncool ones who don't. Thank you kindly.

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Princess Ennui said...

Amen sister. I think maybe you should turn that into a cafepress shirt.