Switzerland strikes again!

Remember that wedding I had to schlep myself to Switzerland in September of 2004? (see below for reminder - that's me holding a balloon on the right. The balloon thing is a Swiss custom, they were released with little notes bearing favor-type promises to the couple that we wrote; some balloons actually wound up in Italy and Germany) Well, a little fruit dropped from the marriage tree. Nicolas Ian was born! Hurrah! I get to knit a baby blanket!!

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Calletta said...

OMG, what a cute baby!

I hate to say it, but some babies are and some really aren't--Alexander and I are in a mom-and-me class with some decidedly unattractive children.

So un-PC, I know! But that's just how I see things. Some babies really are cute. Some just aren't.

And we did a balloon thing like that when I was in grade school, releasing balloons with notes and our names and the school's name, and we got responses from all over the country! It was pretty cool.