Harvard Extension School Information Session

I could not attend the Information Session in Cambridge last week (A had Law class), but since I had already given my RSVP, I asked the Harvard Extension School offices to send me a set of the handouts. I received the packet today. In it, I found an article by Ursula Pawlowski featured in the Fall 2005 Alumni Bulletin. In part, it reads:

"Extension School faculty have discovered unique qualities in students who are homeschooled. Dr. Paul Bamberg, who teaches math and physics, was struck by an exceptionally bright student in his advanced geometry course. 'I had a half-dozen Extension School students combined with Harvard undergraduates in my class,' he says. 'The top two students happened to be Extension School students, and the top student was homeschooled.' Of the homeschooled students he has come in contact with, Bamberg says he has found them to be 'more inclined to speak up, more careful with all the detail on their homework.' As for stereotypes, Bamberg says, 'I've heard them - that homeschooled students are antisocial, a liability to high schools. I haven't met any of those types yet.' "


Liz said...

I just learned about this:


It is all of MIT's course materials online, free, for anyone in the world to use. Lecture notes written by the actual professors, reading lists, etc. It's amazing!

la Maitresse said...

That link is super! Thanks Liz!