quick update

(and maybe a question, too: Maitresse is on hiatus, you guys comment; Maitresse gets back from hiatus, and I've scared you all away?)

- A and I are in a hotel until our NY apartment is in order.
- We are exhausted.
- With the help of Lynne at MySchola, I am looking into Section 600 schools in Florida.
- We are exhausted.
- A is heading out to do his marine bio research today.
- We are exhausted.
- New York City is a great place to live, but we miss the tranquility of Westchester already.
- We are exhausted.


Diane said...

What are Section 600 schools?

Congrats on finding a place in NYC so fast...what's your secret? (I've only ever heard horror stories from friends on finding a place.)

la Maitresse said...

The secret was this: I was ready to downgrade our living expenses and be okay with "less is more" (neighborhood did not have to be posh, or even familial, just inexpensive and safe, and good lord, I didn't need 3 bedrooms), and I wanted the new digs to look like my friend A.R.'s apartment. Two weeks ago I got a call from the realtor with whom I had been working. "Guess what. A.R. is moving out of her apartment. You want it?"

Calletta said...

NYC is so cool. . .

But what *is* a Section 600 school? (She asks, as she continues to gather info while trying to decide if she will homeschool.)

la Maitresse said...

"Section 600" is a type of incorporation status for Florida state schools, and is used where students are *tutored.* I am only now learning about it, and one place to check on some basic information on Section 600 incorporation status for homeschoolers is www.fpea.com.

la Maitresse said...

And here's the rub...How can we be a Florida student if we ain't in Florida, you ask? Ah, well...homeschoolers are a creative lot, aren't we?

MJ said...

Best to you and A! I was having a really hard time coming to grips with your move to CT - I'm glad you are back in the city, back to your edge. You have the makings of a country/city homeschool mouse book.

You know, you can always purchase a cricket or wind sound making machine to similate what you had in the 'burbs...Personally, I liked living in the city and telling time from the buses going by the apartment:)

L said...

Hey Maitresse,

I'll be emailing you a little later with some additional info. Congratulations on the apartment -- what great luck!

la Maitresse said...

Concierge Services: Yes, I need my Edge. Oh, sorry. Just saw him on t.v. in the latest U2 video. I *did* miss living on the edge while we were in the suburbs. I felt very weird and out of place there. It was missing the kinds of innuendo that I thrive on. I guess a happier parent makes happier home living and home educating.

L: I will be looking out for the add'l info!

Anonymous said...

That's my problem, too. I love the city, but enjoy the peace of the countryside. Glad you found a home.


HawaiiMom said...

Aloha, again. I have been busy and not had time to check your site lately, but I am glad to see that you are homeschooling again. Your post about living for Today, but also for Tomorrow was just great. And so true. Enjoy this leg of your adventure :)

Good luck with the move -- it has been ages since I have been to NYC (grew up in PA before moving to Hawaii) and I still get that certain feeling when I remember the city. I will continue to live vicariously through you, I guess :)

Congrats on returning to homeschooling -- enjoy your time with A.