So our friend the photographer...

Created this show to help the Project. I hope some of you who know of my Project enjoy this little show. This Monday I will be attending a press conference and after-VIP party with Little Steven and Debbie Harry. Debbie will be performing an acoustic set. Nice, no?

A is researching fecal coliform at the River Project. I have learned much about fecal coliform thanks to A's research on this subject. The presence of fecal coliform bacteria tells us that there is sewage in our beloved New York City water. Somehow, I am not surprised.

A is now taller than I am. I am 5'8". A is 12-years-old and is no longer in 6th grade studies, but entering 8th grade level studies. My, time flies.

The next stage of (no pun intended, really, even if this is about...) Shakespeare in Central Park, is the presentation of Two Gentlemen of Verona. So, more reading for us before we see that. And in the the cast line-up, you might notice, in the small print, that someone by the name of Rosario Dawson is scheduled to appear. They really are trying hard to nab a good audience. I can't help but support their efforts.

Please let me know that you are lurking or reading this. I am a bit distracted at the moment with the Project, but I do enjoy blogging when I can, and if it seems it is worth anyone's while to read this stuff.

And oh, yes, something that I have been meaning to share: I had a conversation with Joey Ramone's mother (Charlotte) two weeks ago about my homeschooling A. We talked about things that teachers in institutions don't pick up about our kids. Charlotte said that Joey's teachers clearly did not pick up on his innate creativity. Everything she taught Joey, he retained. "They feel safer with us, their parents, because with us, they don't have to feel so judged or stifled as with institutional teachers," she said. Charlotte owned an art gallery. Joey grew up in the gallery, and later the Ramones rehearsed in it.

Proof in the pudding, there?


Princess Ennui said...

Maitresse....I definitely lurk, read, and blogroll you. I was starting to get worried!
Your tales of homeschooling, among other things, are some of the best.
Keep writing!
Princess Ennui.

MargaretWV said...

I was surprised to see a "Save CBGB's" article in our small town (and small-minded, parochial) newspaper a few days ago. The word is getting out!

Margaret (went to CBGB's in the late 1980s, but was more a regular at Maxwell's in Hoboken)

Becky said...

I'm here!

And now I'm remembering William Hurt in "Midsummer" in Central Park c1980. The only good thing is that if I feel old, William Hurt must feel even older ;). Out here on the farm now, the kids and I are enjoying Shakespeare on video and DVD.

Enjoy the performance, and don't drink the water!

LowKey said...

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