So, LaMai, how are you doing?

Q: How are you coping with A's absence?

Well...these first few weeks I will admit, I have behaved like a jealous girlfriend.

Me: Hi, A. It's me.
A: Hi Mom. I can't talk now...I have to go to dinner.
Me: What? You don't miss me?
A: Erm...no, it's not that. It's just that I can't talk right now...dinner started a half hour ago and I just have a few minutes left to...
Me: But you don't call me 329 times a day like you did last week.
A: Mom? Do you want me to eat?
Me: Don't you miss me? Fine. I get it. You CAN'T TALK.

Okay, that's not an actual conversation, but you get the idea. I visited A one weekend to check up on him, see how he was doing.

A is making friends. Almost all his friends are Asian. I am not sure why this is, but I am hoping this will secure a decent study ethic.

His roommate is a slob.

And creates bad smells in the dorm.

And asks A for money.

I have addressed the above issues with A.

A signed up to DJ at the school radio station one day a week.

Joined a club or two.

Is learning piano in addition to guitar.

Is rowing and will compete at a regatta this week with his team.

Hates his Chem teacher.

Loves his English teacher.

Fell off his bunk bed last week.

Thinks the food is below average. It is "bland."

Learned to play pool.

And ping pong. With his Asian homies.

Takes a shuttle bus to Wal-Mart on Saturdays. This, despite our talks about the Wal-Mart ethos.

Is perpetually busy or exhausted.

So LaMai has come to realize, that her A really *doesn't* have too much free time to chat. His school keeps him plenty occupied.

And me? If I am actually suffering the syndrome that is "empty nest" syndrome. I think I am. But goodness, there is so much to do. Who has time to live vicariously through one's child? It's certainly not what I homeschooled him for.

And tomorrow, I have a flight academy to go to. I have decided that I will learn to fly.


Becky said...

Sounds as if you're both flying and doing swell :)

Hornblower said...

Flying! WTG LaMai - that's definitely not staying home & waiting, pining for the son to return. Just wait until A asks to borrow the keys to the Cessna...

Heidicrafts said...

Wonderful. Thanks for the report.

Will you do NaNoWriMo this year?

la Maitresse said...

I don't know! I still have to do an arts project that a bloggy reader sent me a long time ago...!

Manda said...

Flying?! Eek! No, really, I'm totally happy for you, I just hate to fly (even though I love to travel).

And if A happens to be in the same state (that is, Commonwealth) as I am--and I think he may be--then he'll learn that they love the bland food here. Bleh. We have to travel several times a year for a decent meal. You know, one with actual spices in it.