ok maybe...

I am not so crazy about A's new school.

Maybe A got locked out of his room one evening --- At 12:41 AM (an event which I will call "the incident") and no adults responded. At all.

Maybe on the same night, at 12:42 AM, A noticed that he had his cellphone on hand and called his dorm advisor on duty -- but the dorm advisor did not respond. Then LaMai called and also got no response. Then LaMai called the other dorm advisor. No response. Then the dorm adult down the hall. No response. Then LaMai left emails. No response until two days later. Then A called campus security for help getting back into his room now that it was 1:15 AM (an event which I will call "the incident equivalent to calling the police").

Perhaps also the Form Advisor actually questioned LaMai about LaMai's Honesty and if LaMai Had Actually Reached Out To The Registrar About Correct French Class Placement Before A Started School This Fall (an event which I will call "the alleged non-incident.") Maybe LaMai, as a result, thinks the Form Advisor is a supreme jerk as a result of his belief that "the alleged non-incident" is actually true.

Maybe IAAR! is truly intolerable. Because the ammonia smells from IAAR!'s dirty laundry invading A's airspace are now just A Little Too Much.

And then, there's the Fight Club thing. Oh yes. It happened. An actual Fight Club was formed. At my kid's dorm.

And then, there's the Fight Club Decree That Fight Club Shall No Longer Exist enacted by my kid's dorm advisor.

Perhaps tonight there was also The History Assignment. For which A stated he was sure to get an "F."

After which LaMai said, "Oh, good G-d, just come the hell home."

LaMai cannot sleep.


Hornblower said...

That stinks like sweaty goat testes. Hang in there.
Hope you got some sleep.

Rebel said...

Poor A. That blows. Hope you can get everything resolved.

Becky said...


Manda said...

Wow. This is all kinds of messed up. Hope it gets sorted.

Dr. Liz Margoshes said...

If they really want to get rid of the Fight Clubs, just inform one of those macho-wannabe adolescent boys that Chuck Palahniuk has recently come out:


Hope things settle down soon!

la Maitresse said...

Dr. Liz, you are bada$$ for this! Thanks!

Hornblower, hey, it stinks like the title of a forthcoming blog entry. And I got 3 hours of sleep. For Manda, the editor, that would be three hours.

Rebel, it blows, yes.

Becky, I grrr with you.

Manda -- sounds like the title of a blog entry I did on another blog. In fact, the blog was probably called This is All Kinds of Messed Up.

Heidicrafts said...

I hope things for A are improving.

I have no idea if this link sounds like authentic punk music, but it made think of you.

My 11yo son found it. :P He says there is a little swearing in the background music.

la Maitresse said...

Yes, it is what we call a hybrid of "hardcore" punk -- which is fast -- and "Green Day punk" -- which is pop.

Maybe I just made that up. But it's punk. : )