anyone try...

incorporating Ayn Rand into their studies at all?

A is currently reading The Pianist for pleasure.

I just finished The Fountainhead (yes, it was my first time reading it).

I think both stories resonate with an individualist theme.

A is back at the River Project, studying for the Geography Bee for next year, among other things. I'll post our curriculum soon.

After current Big Project is done, I intend to make our classroom a reality for other students. You know I thrive on this stuff, right?


© 2003-2007 M-mv said...

Our family book club read and discussed Anthem earlier this year (or was it late last year). Anyway... terrific discussion.

Master M-mv wrote a better-than-decent piece based on one of the questions for the Rand Institute's essay contest. Too bad he missed the deadline. (*wry grin*) Next year, we'll do The Fountainhead... and he *won't* miss that deadline.

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Deanna said...

Hey...I am Deanna...I am currently reading The Pianist for school...can you friend...A? tell me what it is about? I am confused. Thanks!