Just Act One.

So I gave a No Fear (SparkNotes) copy of Hamlet to A to read.

Just Act One, I said. We'll go over the play together after you've read Act One. I did not ask him to mark up his copy of the play with notes.

When I checked with A to discuss Hamlet, he informed me that he read the play in its entirety. Both the Shakespearean English and the modern.

Yes, I tested him to make sure. What does this mean? I asked. He knew, and translated to the modern English from memory. And what does that mean? He knew that, too. He knew everything.

I felt like Julia Roberts' character in Mona Lisa Smile.

Also, A refuses to go to any "Children's Books" section in bookstores. He hit puberty last year, and is now taller than me (love when Joey Ramone's mother said, "Oh, well, when Joey was your age, he was already six feet tall..."). He's growing up fast, but not quite a teen yet.

We are studying Afghanistan and Cuba for the Geography Bee.

We saw Star Wars: Episode III last night, and today we discuss the Shakespearean elements in the film.

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