And then there was Carpe Diem

I am beyond exhausted.

Between work, cooking, bathing, cleaning house, getting A's tutors comfortable (how many do we have now? I've lost track), Napoleon's nanny's weird behavior--such as taking Nappo to her place and falling asleep, shutting off her cellphone and forgetting that our dog is with her causing us to worry beyond belief where the heck our dog might be--and entertaining my former co-worker/now new best friend for 8 days straight, it is a wonder that I am coherent, let alone awake.

I want a vacation in Bali. Now.

And what is to be said about the co-worker? Despite his hints for signals from me, I was too hesitant to express anything, say anything, or do anything beyond the friendly.

Yesterday I walked home from the train, after our last day together, and it felt as if my descent from Mt. Olympus was beginning.

Buona sera! came an elderly voice as I reached my block.
Buona sera, I replied.

My heart is lamenting.


Hornblower said...

Hornblower, the romance author, thought you'd disappeared to do the wild thing for 7 days straight with the co-worker. I've been having a great time imagining what you were up to. You'd still have been exhausted. But happy.

But all is not lost! In romance novels, this is known as the black moment - all seems lost and hopeless. And then.....

Princess Ennui said...