Carpe los what?

Subject header: Celebrate!

I thus typed the header of an e-mail I was about to send to my co-worker. He had just received a job offer from France, by telephone.

"Let's go out for a drink tonight? If not tonight, tomorrow. It's good to celebrate good news! : )"

I knew that A was staying in the darkroom until very late with his friends, around 9 p.m., so I could allow myself this little pleasure.

It was followed by the ding-ding sound of my Microsoft Outlook inbox. A reply.

"OK for tonight."

As we headed out, I said, "You know, we should carpe los dias."

"Carpe los what?"

"Carpe los dias. Like Carpe Diem, but um, I sort of don't know the plural..."

"Oh, hah hah. Yes, that's great. We need to Carpe los dias!"

We tried to figure out where to have a celebratory glass of wine. He doesn't "do" the pub around the corner. Or at least, with me, he hasn't.

The Pinnacle? Top of the Rock? We settled on on the Rainbow Grill for cocktails which is on the 65th floor of the NBC building. The captain showed us to a table whiched faced directly in front of the Empire State Building. It was light outside. We stayed until it became very dark, and the Empire State Building was brilliantly lit up in green and red.


Hornblower said...

Thanks for the Spanish lesson. I think in Latin it would be "carpe dies"

"dies (5th declension noun) has ablative singular die and plural diebus, and accusative singular diem and plural dies"

which unfortunately just looks like something about a fish dying.

I went to a school with "Carpe Diem" as motto. Then on to "Nous sommes prĂȘts". Then "Tuum Est". .... I don't think they did me any good. Except now I can take up lots of space in someone's comments .....

Becky said...

Sounds magical. So glad you had a lovely time!

Princess Ennui said...

I'm glad he finally caught on to spirit of carpe los dias. (I prefer mixing my linguas, if you will).

And boy am I proud of you! Rock on my friend. Let the carpe-ing continue.

My school's motto was "Sana Mens in Corpore Sano". Of which, I have neither.

L said...

Hey, La Mai!

Thanks for the update. In a few short days I should at least be on dial-up at home instead of the town wi-fi whore...

Carpe los dias for sure!

wendy said...

I'm sorry he's leaving, but congrats on what sounds like a very lovely evening with him.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - just saw that you like LOTR - love that book.