Another confessional

If you hadn't already figured it out, I am a single parent, and am once-divorced. I did not *want* to divorce. But it was an impossible situation where one of us was incredibly mentally ill, so much so that he became physically violent and his parents were left with no choice but to send him to a hospital. Multiple times.

There. I've said it.

In my religion, for centuries, a pre-nup is a part of the marriage contract, or ketubah. If the marriage does not work out, it says, the wife is declared owed a sum of money for her trouble. The biblical sum is currently equivalent to a penny (not Donald Trump standards by any means). But you get the idea. Divorce happens. It's allowed. Forgiveness need not be asked for if a divorce is granted.

(Those of you who follow this blog regularly might know that I have directed the above paragraph to a certain family who have authored a book and who insist on remaining in a marriage no matter what, because marriage is sacred, even in the case where a spouse sexually abuses a child. Which LaMai believes is absolutely ruckin' bonkers.)

Anyway, LaMai is not a reckless person -- most of the time. I am a single mother, who works full-time (plus!) and I have taken control of my child's education, damned be the Department of Education and all their intimidation.

So forgive me the pleasure of divulging a little more about myself (i.e., dating), to not always post about educational stuff, because it's cathartic for me to do so. If you don't like it, you may switch your bloggy channel.

And another confessional: Becky in Alberta, please know that I do not always post comments on your blog because your blog intimidates me. You must be a Trinity alumna. Hah hah.


Heidi said...

Divulge away. It's *your* space. Homeschooling is life learning and you're writing about your life and still learning things. Even things about dating.

Hornblower said...

LaMai - you're supposed to STAY ON TOPIC. I just covered this. For Pity's Sake.

The topic is 'how do I make my child do this? How many months do I try stickers and rewards before I move on to punishments? Should I start with denial of privileges or should I go directly to corporal stuff? And does anyone know a curriculum that covers teethbrushing? In a sensitive and appropriate way, with respect for the body....'

And did you think I wouldn't notice the way you shifted from dropping some heavy information which would generally invite support, to some flippant comments which would make us laugh? Cunning. But I noticed.

My family has had its share of psychiatric problems, including hospitalization and it's a very tough thing to go through. You deserve happiness and joy and maybe, you can be a bit reckless too. Once in a while.

Becky said...

It's a pleasure to read more about LaMai's life, which is a nice bonus for me beyond the catharsis for you :)

But intimidating?! Oy! I do hope you will comment when you feel like it, LaMai. If I was really and truly intimidating, I could attend the country fair for three days, keep up with my blog reading AND writing, and continue with the stack of library books by my bed (but which will probably only crush me in my sleep lol). Really and truly, you can't see the dried mud on my pants or the chicken feathers in my hair and the pails of peas on my countertop waiting to be shelled.

Hey, are my school colors showing?!
I don't think too many Trinity alums ran off to the farm...

Princess Ennui said...

Oh my goodness! I slack off the blogging world and look what happens...you post something PERSONAL and serious. Holy crap Batgirl...does this mean I need to do that now? Oy...I even had a post a while back where I tried to FORCE myself to be personal and I couldn't even do it. Argh. I might have to wait until the massage high wears off (and I have to tell you, without sounding too stalker-y...I thought of you and how much good a massage would do you...and then I read your next post).