I haven't been feeling so great of late, hence my lack of posts. I have bills to pay, power outages to gain, and friends to lose.

There is a young male co-worker who sits immediately next to me, whose company I have found to enjoy. A lot. We go to lunch together, shoot the proverbial potty, he picks up whatever ridiculous piece of paper that happens to slip off my desk, and gets me coffee. I am not sure why we get along so well; there is a bit of an age difference, and he behaves impeccably, so I do not think there is anything beyond the Platonic. Is it because he is funny, cultured, or maybe a lot like me? He goes home to France in 20 days. That's right: 20 days. But no, we're not counting.

Not counting the number of wine glasses and free wine-tasting lessons he'll offer me (he's from Burgundy).

Not counting the poker lessons he has promised to give me, with dinner.

Not counting the number of times he asserts that his accent is cute. And perhaps -- he's right.

20 days.

Life is so unfair.


Princess Ennui said...

Well then. Carpe los dias. All twenty of them.

la Maitresse said...

And that is why I love Princess Ennui.