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Lynne at Road Schola is in Australia and has had a bit of a blogging snafu -- I mean -- hiatus. She presents this message to the bloggy readership of this blog:

"Would you mind letting everyone know that I'm trying to set up another blog back on good ol' Blogger, and I'll be back as soon as I get a reliable internet connection? Thanks!"

No, I do not mind, and now everyone knows! Hee, hee. So glad my Australian crocodile nightmare (where A got eaten) did not factor in Lynne's blogging hiatus!

In other news, my friends are desperately working to introduce me to all the hot available men in New York City. Last night was such a working night. I showed up to an art show, and I was quickly introduced to Mr. Russell Crowe Look-Alike (RCLA). Of course, my friend T. gave me funny/smiley big-eye looks right before she made the introduction. After RCLA uttered several, "Yeah, dude"s while talking to me, and after which his friend suddenly emitted the word "gnarly," I began shaking my head uncontrollably while muttering, "No, please G-d no."

It has actually become a physical reflex now. Woe is me.

The artist whose work was showcased at the gallery asked for a friend to take a group photo, then suddenly pulled me out of the crowd and declared he wanted his photo taken with me, and only me. Then Mr. Artist quickly disappeared into the streets of SoHo with a young woman in a yellow dress.

A young Matt Damon look-alike (yes, this is the city of look-alikes) began chatting with me. I got a distinctly Ivy vibe about MDLA. So I asked the question.

"Um, where did you go for undergrad?"



He didn't leave me for a good half hour, after which his girlfriend came up to us, grabbed his arm, and dragged him away.

The rest of the evening I spent totally bored in the company of a very long-winded photographer who just returned from a photo shoot in Mongolia ("Dude, like, I am so going back to the Gobi Desert in September"), who seemed not to notice that he was talking politics for two hours straight, and that none of his three companions had gotten a word in edgewise.

And so began and ended another chapter in LaMai's non-dating life.


la Maitresse said...

I hate it when it's dead here.

Becky said...

I'm here! This is the first place I came after our six-day fair sojourn (including beforehand preparations and cleanup afterwards).

Pooh to the dating and hurray about Lynne! I haven't been able to get anything more than the first few lines of each post at the current blog, and even those take forever to arrive on my screen. Am going through withdrawal, and keeping my fingers crossed for Blogger...

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. You know, sometimes I think it's hard being married, but it's definitely harder being single and dating.

I hope the man-pool improves for you.