a night at playwriting

Young Hip African-American Girl at the Desk: Hi. Are you one of our actors?
Me: Erm...no?
Me: No. I'm a parent?
YHAAGD: Of one of our students?
Me: Yes. I'm A's mum.
YHAAGD: Erm...okay.

I show myself to a chair and wait.

An older woman is checking herself out. She has a very VERY theatrical voice.

Me: Excuse me...are you one of the professional Broadway actors reading for the students tonight?
Older Woman with Theatrical Voice smiles and says: Yes. Are you here to read from their material?
Me: Erm...no. I'm one of the parents.
OWTV: Oh. Which one is yours?
Me: My son's name is A. He wrote a play about two playwrights...there's lots of writer's block and a duel...
OWTV: Oh. [she's nodding a lot now] His material was very good.
Me: Really?

[insert enormous inner smile here]


M. Bouffant said...

Just wondering...what race was the Older Woman w/ Very Theatrical Voice?
It seemed necessary to identify the young & hip even further, why not the older & theatrical as well?

la Maitresse said...

Yawn. You are barking up the wrong blog, and should check the entries here by a few years.

Additionally, as a visual person, I gravitate to the exotic. Seeing an African American woman who was hip and in a playwriting environment was visually stimulating for me (please, please, please we need more diversity in theater!)

The only thing stimulating for me about the older WASPy-looking theater woman was her voice.

But you -- I suspect your bouffant is likely more stimulating than your ego, yes?