Oh, the guilt is falling away...

Co-worker: Do you know how much the administrative assistant makes?
Me: Dare I ask?
Co-worker: Guess.
Me: $25,000 annually more than me.
Co-worker: Nope.
Me: More?
Co-worker: She makes the most of anybody here. Including the publicists.
Me: How much more?
Co-worker: [insert number that is $40,000 more than I make]
Me: You're kidding.
Co-worker. Nope.
Me: She told you this?
Co-worker: Yep. And I had to swear I wouldn't tell.

[note to everyone reading: don't divulge your salary to anyone!]

Okay. The resumes will rip this weekend.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the wonderful first episode of the Mary Tyler MOore Show, when Mary interviews for a secretarial position, and Mr. Grant offers her the more prestigious position of Associate Producer if she'll take less money! She thinks being Associate Producer will be great, so then he says he'll make her a Producer if she'll take even LESS! She says no thanks, she thinks that Associate Producer is all she can afford.

la Maitresse said...

You are right, anonymous, and I am coming to terms with this (very odd) reality.