ring, ring...

This morning me and A talked about the yummy vegetarian place in Chinatown from this past weekend. The swan-shaped dumplings were soooo good. "Can I go today for lunch?" A asked me. Sure, I tell him.

Then I received a frantic phone call from A this morning around 11:30 AM.

"Mom, I don't know how to get to Buddha Bodai."

I had a stack of press releases in front of me, and one publicist needed a press guide NOW.

"Erm...Buddha Bodai? Hon, just go up Canal and make a right on Mott."

A: But where is Mott?
Me: What do you mean, where is Mott? Head east on Canal toward the Manhattan Bridge, and you can't miss Mott.
A: I don't see it on this Mapquest map.

I get pinged a Mapquest map on MSN instant messenger. He was right. Mott wasn't on it.

Me: Stop reading Mapquest maps! They're horrid!
A: Mom, how do I get to Buddha Bodai?
Me: Erm...

[the publicist sends me yet another email wanting her press guide NOW]

A: OH Wait...I see Mott. It's so far away from the star. It crosses Canal. You're right. Okay, thanks, mom, byeeeeee....

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