I haven't posted anything educational in a long while -- I guess I am just wrapping things up for A.

Princess: I saw "Pirates" -- Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and Billy Nighy (finally getting to see his face) are the only reasons I saw this flick. And oh yeah, Mr. Richards.

Amanda/Calletta: I'll be lurking (around your blog).

Becky: Ditto. Because you know your blog intimidates me.

L at MySchola: See you Down Under if you don't come back here.

Everyone else: Thanks for coming by. I really do enjoy your emails and letters and thingys I get sent. They are really sweet.

Here at work, I was the recipient of many fan emails and nuts (fans of a certain show who wanted their show back on the air after it was cancelled -- I guess you can check the CNN archives about that one). That these fans actually got their show back gives me hope in grass-roots activism again, and the power of the people.

If you were around during my Campaign For The Club, you will understand my happiness for them. We *can* make things happen. We *can* change things.

Which reminds me -- please consider Ron Paul (R) and Barack Obama (D) when you drop your ballot in 2008.

I'll be starting another blog in the fall - I guess that'll be my next life. Which is what we have to look forward to when our kids get so big that they really do have lives of their own. *We* get our second wind. Our second life. Our Next Big Gig.

See you later.

And please: don't relinquish your kid's brain to somebody else unless you're comfortable with what's going in it.


Manda said...

Are we going to hear how it ends? That is, whether A goes to the boarding school or stays in town?

tara said...

I hope that when you start a new blog, that you'll let us know about it. I've really enjoyed reading your blog, and wish you and A the best.

PrincessEnnui said...

LaMai...I will miss you. Please don't be gone long.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, LaMai.


Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed your blog. Please let us know when you begin another.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! So happy for you guys.

I'm happy you have Napoleon. If A is moving on, you've still got a bud to watch movies with.

Thanks for sharing with us. I hope you'll put up a signpost to your new blog.


Becky said...

Au revoir. And soon, I hope. I'll miss you 'til then.

Don't be a stranger, or a lurker.

All the best to you and A. in your new adventures. Your story, hs'ing an older child, with such zest and success, has been an inspiration. Thank you thank you thank you :)


Anonymous said...

So we're really not going to find out where A is going to go to high school??

This is worse than the Sopranos!!!

la Maitresse said...

I'll provide a closing post in September. And I'll try not to shaft you as much as David Chase did.

Hornblower said...

booohooo & waaaaaaaah!

How will I get my New York fix now?

Best of luck to Alexander on his new journey. This childhood business goes fast, doesn't it? You were an inspirational & awe inspiring hs blogger.

Looking forward to the new blog in Sep.

Don't be a stranger.

wendy said...

Please keep us posted on the new blog--when I'm good at reading blogs, yours is one of my faves!

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet

Heidicrafts said...

August 30, 2007
I am sorry to hear about the passing of Hilly Kristal of CBGB. It felt right to come here and let you know, as I knew nothing of it all until I heard it from you.

la Maitresse said...

Thank you, Heidi.

Hilly's in a better place now. I am at peace knowing that he is at peace.

Anonymous said...

Hello yes. It's September. May I have my educational update now?? (I did give you 3 WHOLE SEPT DAYS before I asked.)

Missing you guys.