smooth sailing

The sordid details: The roommate locked A out of his dorm when he needed to study. The roommate blasted music when A needed to study. The roommate gave A grief about conversations we would have (the roommate made it a point to listen in on our calls). The roommate asked A for money too many times (sometimes after talking about his father's hedge fund).

A quietly told me he felt things were unbearable.

The roommate told A he didn't think A should be at BTBSA.

A quietly told me he was going to sleep with severe back pain. His body was now reacting to the stress of the roommate.

Over the course of five months, I talked to A's house dean about the roommate. The house dean did not satisfactorily act.

I made a stink.

LaMai making a stink is not a pleasant affair. Both faculty and staff were upset. I did not care.

Then A went to Miami for pre-season Crew training. The roommate, who is also on the team, also went to Miami for pre-season Crew training.

And in Miami, the roommate drove an oar into A's back and caused a welt.

I took a photo of the welt.

A asked me not to show it to anyone.

Maybe I broke a promise about not showing the photo of the welt to anyone.

A now has a new single private room at school.


Writing and Living said...

Unbelievable. I'm sorry it had to go so far before they acted, but I'm glad it was finally taken care of.

la Maitresse said...

Me, too.

la Maitresse said...
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wendy said...

Wow! Just WOW!

Bravo to you Mom for sticking up for your child! Poor A. I'm glad he no longer has to live with that horrendous bully!

Wendy from Flippin Sweet

drliz@finishingschool said...

Ugh, how horrible! I'm glad it resolved, but I hope they sent that bully to the school counselor or something.


Manda said...

Good for you--A is lucky to have a mom who is willing to do what's necessary to keep him healthy and safe.