ring, ring...


Hi. This is A's school in NY. School re-started today and we'd like to know if this is an excused absence?

Um...yes? I excuse him. Yes.

And when will he be returning?

Um...may I get back to you on that?

(dum dum DUM...)


Anonymous said...

Hey, glad you're back. I've missed reading your blog. Hope all is well with you both and that you are able to find a way to hs again. A's schedule always sounded so much more interesting than what we do!


Anonymous said...

Oooo...Mystery is always good.


Fe said...

Glad to see you back!

I've been lurking for a while, but I'm doing the rounds exposing myself.

We plan to homeschool (Puggle is 8 months old) so I'm mostly just reading a range of different resources, collecting ideas.

MJ said...

I'm going to fall off the edge of my seat pretty soon!
Welcome back!

HawaiiMom said...

Aloha :) I am a homeschooler in Hawaii -- our first year on this great adventure. I discovered the WTM site and do a lot of research on the boards. I was first attracted to your blog (after I figured out what a blog was) because of the French in your title (I got two degrees in French years ago) and that you were in law school (got a J.D. after the French degrees). Then I just liked checking in on your blog from time to time because I liked the way you wrote (very intelligent in style and manner, if I might say), you seemed to have sensibilities and goals (re: homeschooling and life) similar to mine and I was inspired by all you were doing! (While I felt I could not get through the morning some days. lol)

Anyway, I am rambling...long story short -- although I am admittedly a lurker and you don't know squat about me, I am glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding overenthusiastic, Hallelujah! I have so enjoyed reading about your smart, gutsy, fabulously exciting route with A, and take from you and your writing (if I may) inspiration for how I approach my path with my own kids, so I am ecstatic that you're back. Can't wait to hear more--and Happy New Year!

la Maitresse said...

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

You can drop me an e-mail...all of you, to maitresse@gmail.com, if you ever feel inclined. : )