ring, ring

Hi. This is Ms. (XXX) at XXX Middle School. We are responding to your message requesting your withdrawal of Alexander from our school.

Very long voicemail message, most of it garbled.

So, send us the letter as he has had a lot of absences so far.

As A would say...



Last night A and I stayed up until 3 a.m. talking about the philosophy of life. It was nice to get to know him this way, all adult-like and all...

*A uses the initials only.


Friday Five: Share five facts about yourself that not everybody knows...(thanks, Donna)

- I was called beanstalk in grade school.
- I was voted most popular girl in fourth grade.
- My best friend in fourth grade, Mindy Kapinski, introduced me to bananas and hot dogs. Don't ask. [this is clearly for the adult/adult crowd, sorry]
- I counselled families of the Pan Am 103 disaster.
- I have a crush on someone and I am in denial about it.

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