OK, we just covered Rwanda. And a little Afghanistan. A knew all the languages of Rwanda, and Afghanistan, and the politics of each country. I love hotbed quizzes.

Man, I need a new template. A few h-schooling bloggers seem to be changing theirs...MySchola, M-MV...

A is currently taller than I am. He stands at 5'9" at 12 years old. Arturo Vega, artistic director for the Ramones, was flabbergasted when he found out A's age. "Erm, didn't Joey stand this tall at around his age?" I asked. Joey was skinnier, though.

And yes, La Mai's next big project is the classroom. I keep saying it, because I have to. It's my mantra. Like, "I am going to Teany Teas today." And lo and behold, I find myself sitting over oatmeal and scones, and tea infused with rosebuds.

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