Yes, dear reader, you are right...

...these have been a few months of Maitresse "light."

A has an intense summer of estuary biology in store for him, beginning in July. I assigned to him structured reading of "Lord of the Flies" and so far, he hates it. "Too violent." Ah, well.

A likes to use the word "apparently" a lot. As in his cellphone voicemail automated message: Apparently, I am on the other line or away from my phone right now. Leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

We are eating way too much Thai food of late. The owner of the Thai establishment which I frequent has taken to ordering food items for me. "You can't eat the same thing over and over," he tells me. So one day I let him choose. "If your son likes Pad See Iew, he will like this one," he suggested. So that is our new dinner routine. I call, and somebody else decides what we eat. So far, we haven't been disappointed. And we have been promised a hook-up in Bangkok by the same restaurant owner.

And apparently, A is less and less interested in blogging, and more and more interested in taking my laptop apart (5 x /day) and figuring it out. That and flash programming. I am most interested in hearing from anyone if their kid(s) have had much success in software programming? Only one of you (Liz) has provided links, thus far...

Much drama in the behind-the-scenes of Big Project. We will be heading on vacation a couple of weekends from now. I need the peace and quiet.

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