Tour today

Sooo......A and a friend took a tour of DC Comics today. While the boys were whisked upstairs to take the private tour with Very Important Professional Who Works There, I waited in the cafe downstairs. I drank a latte and peered into the current issue of Vogue. I know, so brain-drain.
I guess I am happy to know that Kate Winslet is a real "blackhead-squeezing, spot-getting, irritating" type of woman.

Again while waiting for the kids on tour, I crossed the street to David Letterman. "How do I get tickets?" I asked the David Letterman tickets helper. I must participate in a quiz, I was told. "Oh?" I said. I must show up between the hours of 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and participate in said quiz. If I get the answers right, I might get a phone call. Then I might be able to attend the David Letterman show that same evening. "I see," I said. "Thank you for the info." And Oh, the David Letterman tickets helper asked me, Is that Marvel Comics over there? "No, DC Comics," I said. Cool, the helper said.

When the boys came out, they had Superman bags in their possession, comic books inside.

I got a phone call on my cellphone. "We have Climbing Parnassus here at the store for you," said a Barnes & Noble bookseller. Ah yes.

It was about time.

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