Breakfast with Kant

This morning over our breakfast of Müesli and orange juice, A and I discussed Kant. A likes physics, and is not entirely convinced that philosophy can be science. My guess is that Kant would agree with A. Kant discovered that the scandal of philosophy was that you cannot decide what the proper terms for a metaphysical system are until you have defined the field (something Kant spent much time in attempting to do), and you cannot define the field until you define the limit of the field of the real physical world.

Is there such as thing as a thing that exists in no time and space?
What is reality? (Kant: no one can say for certain)
What is time? What is space? (Kant: they are part of our mind's organizing system)
Is the chair before us real? How do we know?
Is my bowl of Müesli real, for that matter? (remember Mouse in The Matrix and his dialogue about that disgusting porridge stuff...how do we know what we know?)

Then we looked at an Escher drawing for an exploration of the definition of reality.

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