Charlotte and Blankety-Blank on the same day.

I do not like funerals.

I did not go to Charlotte's funeral today. I partly did not want to go, and partly my workload was to blame. In any case, I did not go.

Blankety-Blank called me at work, as News Magazine Show Guy promised. The conversation was awkward. I learned that Bucolic Campus School is Very Very P.C. As in, Too Much PC. As in, if three students (out of the hundreds at Bucolic Campus) are reported to have peanut allergies, the entire school cafeteria stops serving peanut butter sandwiches.

As in, no Mother's Day celebrations. Or Father's Day, either. Because some families don't have daddys or mommies. Or maybe they have two mommys or two daddys.

Too Much PC aside, I think it's still, hands down, a better choice than Dalton.

Blankety-Blank: "I don't like Dalton."
Me: "Nor do I. I should tell you about how Dalton ignored me during their Open House..."

Then I spoke to the Agency we are working with to help A get into a good high school.

Agency: "We've referred you to Big Time Boarding School A, Big Time Boarding School B, Big Time Boarding School C, and a few B-List boarding schools."
Me: "Erm, no New York City day schools?"
Agency: "No."
Me: "Erm, but we interviewed at [MAKE A DECISION LAMAI AND PICK A SCHOOL, QUICK!]...Bucolic Campus School. Could you let them know we're with you?"
Agency: "Yes, we'll send your paperwork to Bucolic Campus School right away."

Why did they refer A to boarding schools and no day schools? The only logical answer is that he's a homeschooled student. Boarding school is...like homeschooling?


Heidi said...

Jinkies. I just can't imagine the hoops you're jumping through. Do the majority of NY parents go through this at some stage?

Manda said...

Crazy! Seems like the whole application process is a full-time job on its own, and just like with a job, it's mostly about who you know. . .