Hi. I'm calling from the Sunday News Magazine Show. And I need your help.

LaMai remembers a conversation with the admissions consultant, in which it was stated in no uncertain terms that Bucolic Campus School loves Blankety-Blank, who works at Sunday News Magazine Show...

Me: Oh. Hi. Sure, I'd be glad to help you.
NewsShowGuy: Thank you!
Me: You work with Blankety-Blank, right?
NSG: I do, yes.
Me: [doing cartwheels in the office] Oh, great. So what do you need?
NSG: Um, we're trying to get some stuff signed by that Late PM Show guy.
Me: Oh, sure. I'll talk to his publicist. But could I ask you for a favor?
NSG: Sure. We're all about favors here...
Me: Could you introduce me to Blankety-Blank?
NSG: No problem. In person, e-mail, what do you prefer?


What we do for our kids, I swear.

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Manda said...

Oh, to have your high-glamour life!