Yesterday and Today

Yesterday --

A had Writing, Math and Proteins (Science) studies.

I also spoke to A's Fencing instructor (FI) during the day. We played phone tag for about 75 minutes. A spoke to FI on Saturday and expressed his desire to have more floor time. There is only one épée coach. So FI tells A that I should purchase Club membership for $600. "Since your mom works as an XYZ at ABC (heh heh, NOT) that shouldn't be a problem for her," says FI. I called him to, well, call him out on that.

Me: Sorry, I can't afford that.
FI: Oh. Well the membership is less than most other clubs. And scholarships are given to kids who have been fencing with me for a few years.
Me: I see.
FI: But your son fences épée?
Me: Yes.
FI: Well there is only one coach who teaches épée. Your son will have to be recommended to him. You can't just ask him.
Me: Oh.
FI: So your son needs to be recommended. By someone who knows him. Knows his technique.
Me: Oh. [my heart sinking now]
FI: By a world champion. Or Olympian. At the Club.
Me: Oh. [my heart is sinking further]
FI: And that recommender should be me. Want me to talk to him?

FI holds an Olympic bronze medal. I am literally jumping off my seat when he says "Want me to talk to him?"

Me: OMG. Okay. Yes! Thank you, FI. Thanks so much!

Now, how to pay for that $600 Club fee?

I meet A at the Museum in the evening. I guess the movie has really driven the profits at the Museum sky-high. I walked through the front door, to find Mr. T Rex, and people dressed in cocktail outfits and tuxedos signing guestbooks. "They seem to be doing this here every night," said A. Or maybe the Museum-As-Party-Space was already booked well in advance. Who knows. I just know it was a Night at the Museum. And it was fun having A lead me through every nook and cranny to get to his room there, guards already familiar with my son's getting about.

I talked to A's Genetics professor (she's earned the PhD, and she's teaching college-level stuff, she's a Rockefeller grad, so I really should call her "professor"). Totally nerdy, totally focused, and totally nice. Note to self: she writes college recommendations.

Then we ate Indian food at our favorite Indian diner in Midtown. Dinner is $6.25 per person there. A is picking up Hindi spoken by the food servers. "'Ich' means one," says A. "Ich" as in "Ich ein Berliner." As in, "Ich naan, stay," or "Ich naan, to go."


Tuesday used to be Free Days, and A didn't want to go to Playwriting class. This MSN Messenger exchange ensued:

Me: What's wrong?
A: Nothing. Don't want to go. That's all.
Me: But why? Do you have an assignment to turn in?
A: No. Just don't feel like going.
Me: But why? Did something happen?
A: NO NO NO. I don't feel like going. And Regents exams are tomorrow. Nobody is going to be there anyway. Just this once. Let me stay home.
Me: O.K.

So, A stayed home. When I got home, I found him buried in his Physics book. And the brand-new Three Musketeers book open to around page 300. Uh-huh.


Job is treating me okay. My boss is kinder to me now. The job load is not lessening, however. People are giving me more work to do. This is where I hire The Intern to pick up some of my Lighter Duties.



Last week we saw "The Queen." After which I got this weird idea to work for The Queen. Then on the Royal website, I learned that the position of Assistant Private Secretary to The Queen was available. Imagine. LaMai arranging the personal affairs for The Queen.

Weekends in Scotland.

Scrumptious puddings.

Badly cooked potatoes.

Stuffy people.

Horrible headlines.

The benefits are good, though.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great reminder to gather 'round some impressive tutors and mentors as children grow up. Oh, and move to a major city, that might help!