A has been interviewing at:

- Downtown Progressive School (formerly known as Little Pinko Schoolhouse) for Sons and Daughters of the B52's, Patti Smith, and Susan Sarandon, as well as Robert De Niro, a Beastie Boy, and one of the Coen "Fargo" Brothers;
- Wild Card School;
- Bucolic Campus School for Progressive Students Who Want Luxe But No Grades;
- The Public High School that is Actually 2 Years of College (yes, you transfer to college from there, not apply as a freshman); and
- LaGuardia (The "Fame" School).

He has NOT interviewed yet at:

- Dalton (because they are prejudiced against low-income [read: less than $100K/yearly in NYC] single mothers like me, it seems, and refuse to call to interview);
- Collegiate. But Collegiate only just received our app, and at the last minute.

[Editor's Note: Yes, the above two are real names of schools. Oh, no, I do not work in publicity, and have no idea if anyone at those schools is monitoring her Google Alerts.]

So far, A likes Public High School/2 Years College and Bucolic Campus School and Wild Card and Downtown Progressive School. I am crossing my fingers for Collegiate, though. Still no interview. I am a traditionalist, I guess, I wish to see A walking around in an Oxford shirt and spiffy tie and tell me he's going to meet Claire and Buffy for a stroll on Central Park West. Hah!

So far, ALL of the schools are SURPRISED to learn that homeschooling for New Yorkers is a misnomer. When A is asked, "So, what is a typical homeschooling day for you like?" and he answers, "Well, Sundays I go to Boston to study science with other high school students at M.I.T., Mondays, I get on the subway at 10 a.m. to go to co-op with other homeschoolers on the Upper West Side for Math and Writing, then I grab some pizza with the co-op students and head for my Genetics class where I am taught by a PhD grad at the American Museum of Natural History -- who is preparing me for an internship in genome studies, then I take the train to the Harlem River for Crew for three hours, Tuesday is my day off but I do playwriting with Steven Sondheim's group that day and we usually hit a Broadway play afterwards, Wednesdays I take the train to the Alliance Francaise on the Upper East Side..." by then, the interviewer's jaw has dropped to about THERE.

Then A presents his photography portfolio.

Interviewing has been good for A. He realizes that he's been doing something substantive, albeit a little dedicated to the point of nutty, but it's all good.

My job, on the other hand, is a major pill. On the upside, I get to talk to actors and producers and press people all day, I get a company card, I get dinner comped, I get a car if I work late. On the downside, everyone I work with is demanding, high maintenance, a real pill. I've been told I am NOT to be seen at lunch at the same restaurant any one of my bosses dines in, in case one sees me. I kid you not. "We have a pecking order," I was told, "Don't be seen at 21 or Michael's if G. or D. or L. is there. They will want to know what you are doing there." But what if I am interviewing someone for our magazine? Maybe I need to go to one of those places. "DON'T BE SEEN THERE. It's not your place." Um, hello? Is this not America? Or is this, "The Devil Wears Prada"? Oh yes, I forgot, it is. For that reason alone, I want out. But I'll hang on until they throw me out or Conde Nast calls me up. Yes, Anna, I would prefer to work with YOU. Because at least, you're a woman. And you're stylish. You should see what my bosses wear. Feh.

Going to see "Pan's Labrynth" this weekend with A. You should see it, too.


Manda said...

I would like to see "Pan's Labyrinth," but it is not playing near us now that we are out in the middle of nowhere. Must move back to the city. . .

I had a job like yours. I didn't stay long, either. The cons just finally began to outweigh the pros. But talking to all the famous folk was fun.

Becky said...

Thanks for the update.

A's interviews sound wonderful :)
Crossing my fingers for the remaining ones to be scheduled.

I think I went to school with a Beastie Boy, or at least a Beastie (Boy) brother...

Anonymous said...

Pills, indeed...flipping unbelievable.

It's really inspiring to hear about A's days. Revs us up for our homeschooling days here, even though we're in the beginning stages of the journey.

Ms. Wintour, give La Mai a call.