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This morning I awoke to the ring of the house phone. It was my mother.

"Happy Father's Day!" she said cheerfully. "Um, thanks," I replied, "You, too!"

Man, I thought, this is not a legacy I wish to continue for too long.

Later today A and I prepared for dinner. A proceeded to reveal his thoughts openly to me. "You know, before I felt funny about having a stepfather. Like it would be weird. Now I think it would be O.K."

"Really? O.K." I replied.

"You know, if Muriel in "Muriel's Wedding" can get a guy, so can you!" A exclaims. "Not quite the same thing, her goal and mine," I explain. I then inform A of Muriel's motive to marry in the film.

We do watch an awful lot of films.

My mother called again about four hours later. Her friend, a public school teacher, frequently asks for my mother's spelling help. "She couldn't spell 'unfortunately' - and the school board tells her she cannot get a job right now because she is 'employable'" my mother laughed. My mother was not born in this country, so her cognizance of the friend/teacher's not-so-great English skills gives her some real satisfaction.

Tonight, A and I watched "King Arthur" on the History Channel. In the middle of viewing, A proceeded to tell me how the Roman-style Arturius is like Vercingetorix of Gaul, and how his tribe was distinct from the Franks, etc. etc. At least his French education has stuck. Then A talked about the Saxons and Celts and basically every tribe in Brittania which I have not studied. "Erm...huh?" This is embarassing.
I throw in my two cents about William the Conqueror and the events of 1066. As far as the History Channel is concerned, we are now off topic. I sense we will soon talk about runes. Or Beowulf. Or something. And I so love spontaneous conversations like this with Alexander.

Of course, I cheated by breaking up A's train of thought when I mentioned 1066. Naughty, yes. At least I know how to spell "unfortunately."

Commercial break. A is desperately trying to get my attention. "MOM!!!! LISTEN!!!!They're sampling Iggy Pop's 'Lust for Life' in the commercial!!!!" Yes, that would be part of our Music Appreciation curriculum, thank you very much.

Oh, by the way, if anyone should care to help my Father's Day gift to materialize in the near future, let me know. I will otherwise have to save up for it.

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