so we walked into the Apple (Mac) store in SoHo...

...and we fell in love with everything on sale there. I love the "Genius Bar." Alexander walked in with his violin strapped to his back, and proceeded to try out the new iPods. We went in because we have an older iPod in need of repair. The salesgirl encouraged A to "save $20 a week, and you'll own a 15GB iPod!" Sigh. "That'll take 3 months!" he whispered to me.

Why does everything Apple work so well? The Macs are immune to viruses, and everything is so genius-y that they're nerdy, yet so stylish.
We are really "into" Beowulf. I have a few candidates for the part of Beowulf should it ever become a Hollywood-esque production. I vote for Viggo Mortensen (because he's Danish - at least half) in that role; second runner-up would be Russell Crowe. Hrothgar would be....heck, who knows? The guy who plays Theoden in LOTR. Unferth would be Daniel Day-Lewis. It's a cameo, I know....I'll have to work a bit on the Cast list.


So we're official on EPGY. The CentraOne software is cool (A recorded his voice and played it back repeatedly...I told him to stop singing rock songs into it, though, lest the folks at Stanford actually have access to the recordings, heh, heh).
It's the closest to a "real" classroom apart from what we've already been doing with tutors and science internship.


And yes, Catherine did finally turn up. We've been doing lessons in Central Park, now that the weather is so nice...

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