Why do I like this woman?Posted by Hello

Because she has kids and can wear t-shirts like this one. She's not afraid to add a "trashy" section to her cookbook, which includes photo of her in a Playboy t-shirt, ham and coca-cola, and Elvis Presley peanut butter and banana grilled sandwich recipes. And like me, she has had major moments of awkwardness, completed by some personal tragedy.

She's no Joel Robuchon, nor is she Julia Child. But I like her.

And now, to eBay for a Playboy tee...just kidding.


A is almost done with Writing Strands; I chose the age-appropriate WS level (level 3) as opposed to the actual grade he is in, to get a feel for the program in a non-threatening "this is tedious work" way. It has worked out well for us. Because his work in all other areas is grade-appropriate, especially his reading, I think we will jump to Level Six this summer.


Am I really going to do this? The guys in the "photo gallery" don't look so bad...


Funny. When she says, "influencing boring suburban women to do likewise" I thought she meant suburban women would have affairs! Erm...

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That letter was, quite honestly, one of the smartest, wittiest email messages we've ever gotten via the site.

On a related/unrelated note: Have you read the Perrotta novel, Little Children? I think Lynne (Schola) may have been reading it, too. Clever. Cutting. Over-the-top and understated at the same time. I know. Impossible. But there it is.

Thanks for the link-through.