Illuc ivi, illud feci*

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Tomorrow A attends "orientation" for summer interns on the river. He's actually been asked to attend. Personally, I think it's funny that one can attend an orientation for the same stuff one has been doing for months and months. But I haven't shared that thought with my Son the Intern.

Also tomorrow, I have an interview with a Big Law Firm. The Maitresse is most nervous. So, while in SoHo today, I went to the nearest cheap jewelry shop (erm....we never say cheap) to acquire some faux pearl studs. Some pink plastic Scottish Terrier earrings, however, screamed for me to take them home. Hmmmm....those earrings, plus a pair of Michael Kors Grand Prix gold goddess sandals that all the chic girls from the Upper East Side to SoHo are wearing, and a one of those summer bright blue or lime green wrap-around Thai dresses sold on Prince and Wooster...I'd look chic, hip, and Blue House. And maybe with some tanning, I'd be extra desirable...I'd be winning the affection of all eight of my year's worth of dates through Lisa Ronis' matchmaking...I'd be married in no time...

I went for the pearl studs.

I noticed that the gothic-looking cashier girl was playing some music that sounded vaguely familiar.

Me: "Erm...Is that band The XXX**?"
Goth cashier girl: "No, it's a wannabe The XXX band."
Me: "Well, they sound an awful lot like The XXX." [I am thinking imitation of the flattering kind...and maybe some sampling/potential copyright infringement issue to be investigated]
Goth cashier girl: "No, ma'am. I know The XXX ...um...REALLY WELL and believe me, they really don't sound like The XXX."

Of course, I can't possibly know about bands. I suppress the fact that while at school in England, I hung out with The XXX and the vocalist even gave me a lift once in his car, when The XXX band were popular. Fifteen years ago. Three years before Joey Ramone was introduced to me when I visited The XXX in New York. When the cashier standing before me would have been...a tyke.

Vero, vero.

Alexander is reading The Children of Odin by Padraic Colum. I'm quite fond of Colum's books. I have learned that Audhumla, the Giant Cow, is the actual source of the Creation of Man. She licked mountains for their salt, and licked and breathed man to life. Sounds good to me.

I'm also fond of Roald Dahl, but it's been difficult getting A to read his books after a puberty-induced hiatus from reading his works. Fortunately, A had not read Boy. It's filled with gruesome moments and that stint of Dahl's at Cadbury's. Perfect for newly-adolescent boys! A read it recently in two short days.


On topic with Scandinavian myths, I recently phoned the consulate of the Scandinavian country from which my father came, to inquire about getting citizenship there. I'm thinking, if things go sour this November, maybe me and A can take off for four years. Or something.

Me: "Erm...hello? I'd like to know if I could be a citizen of your country?"

Voice on Phone at Consulate : "You were a citizen of our country until you were 22 years old. You had to apply to retain your citizenship at that time."

Me: [nearly fainting] "I beg your pardon? Do you mean to say that I already held dual citizenship in my lifetime?"

Voice on Phone at Consulte: "Yes. You were a citizen of our country until you were 22 years old. You had the right to apply to retain your citizenship at the age of 22."

I see. I guess I'll just cast my lot with the voting process again and hope.

*Been there, done that.
**Not the actual name of band.

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