yeah, uh-huh...

Tonight, I have thrown my arms up in the air.

Conversation before I left home today:

Me: "You understand the homework that needs to be done, Alexander?"
A: "Yes."
Me: "You are going to get to it right away, then."
A: "Yes."

I arrive home at 10 p.m., and check that all of A's assigned workbook pages are still empty.
After much cajoling, A tells me that he wanted to use his free time a little more.

Me: "You lied to me."
A: "No, I thought I'd start when you got home."
Me: "You LIED to me. Enough. Do it now."

Reminds me of the Entertainment Law Guy who tried to pull a "But I THOUGHT you KNEW I was married!" on me, after initially hiding his ring, hiding the photo of his wife in his office (Later, it was, "I want to have it all" but "don't let my family know, ok?").

Good grief. Do I need to have the integrity conversation with everyone I know, again?

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