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Digging for the Truth: Secrets of the Nazca Lines
Monday March 21st at 9 PM/8c

Etched into the driest desert in the world, the
mysterious lines and figures of Nazca in Southern Peru
are invisible from the ground. These huge drawings
were not discovered until the 1930’s when airline
pilots just happened to spot them in a flyover. Ever
since, they have intrigued the world as the question
of who built them and why looms large. Were they an
ancient chart of the heavens or a message to the Gods?

Students will follow Digging for the Truth’s Josh
Bernstein as he takes on the secrets of the Nazca
Lines and attempts to discover the true history behind
these mysterious creations. This riveting one hour
program presents students with insights into ancient
Peruvian cultures and world views as Bernstein engages
in a series of daring adventures designed to reveal
the hidden meaning of the Nazca lines. This program
provides students with an engaging and exciting way to
discover how astronomy, archeology, and history can
all provide the tools to understand the cultures and
social structures of long ago.

Curriculum Links:
Digging for the Truth: Secrets of the Nazca Lines, as
well as this entire series, would be useful for World
History, European History, Geography, World
Civilization, Science and Technology and Global
History courses. This program fulfills the following
guidelines outlined by the National Council for
History Education: Patterns of Social and Political
Interaction, Civilization, Cultural Diffusion and
Innovation and Comparative History of Major

Discussion Questions:
1. Which of Josh’s approaches to learning about the
Nazca lines do you think revealed the most about
ancient Peru?
2. Which of Josh’s answers to the riddle of the Nazca
lines do you find most compelling?
3. What do you think are the most interesting things the
Nazca lines tell us about ancient Peruvian culture?

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