A has come up with some names* for his new band...

"Lucifers in the Bush"
"Fencing in the Yard"
"Destiny in the Door"
"Devious Sentients"
"Danish Buttercookies"

*If you've been following the blog for a bit, you'll recognize the "band names" from the stuff we've been doing, except for "Devious Sentients" which I got from a subway sign that read "devious semantics."

Lucifers = lucioles = lightning bugs.
Fencing = a sport A participates in.
Destiny = our greyhound.
Danish buttercookies = I'm 1/2 Danish.


Orion said...

What about "Midgets Drink Free" cuz think about what it'll look like on a bar's signage or in a newspaper add...

Anonymous said...

I just waslistening to this punkish girl band (10 and 12 year old siters) called Smoosh. They are actually good. I bet A would like them.

Okay, I'm here to say that your blog is great,refreshing and fun. I have reviewed it at AHA Weblogs blog but with less goofy adjectives:

Pop by and say hello. I'm also interested in your writing blog and other writing projects but couldn't find links.
Kim of Relaxed Homeskool

Kimberly said...

I vote for Danish Buttercookies or Devious Sentients.

My boys are planning to have their own Robotic Designand engineering business. They like to talk names and color schemes and logos, LOL.

la Maitresse said...

OK, I love all your band name suggestions, and thanks for the mention, Kim! We are still taking an awfully long time with the guitar-picking...(hey, do I smell a pun?)