My second day job

consists of more blogging.

I promised everyone that I would reveal another blog of mine, and didn't, because things have been slow in getting off the ground. Well, what did you expect? I'm a busy girl.

So....[I've edited out the link! You'll just have to e-mail me at maitresse@gmail.com].

It is a blog about...what else? New Yorkers! Mostly people and stuff that I spot on the street.

Some of the content is adult-oriented, so if anything offends you, dear reader, kindly leave without making a fuss. I am a parent, but I have a life, and sometimes, I need to express those things that keep the "juice" going in my life. For the record, I haven't allowed A to read that site.

And another warning: there will be a logo posted on there that features a topless woman. It's very artistically done, but again, if it offends, go elsewhere.

Thank you and enjoy.

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